International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) protects United States technology assets, whether in the production, sale, or transportation of equipment, data, and technology. Governing manufacturing, design, sales and distribution of items listed on the United States Munitions List, this means that not only are the finished products protected under this regulation, but also individual components used as well as the manufacturing process, including plans, diagrams, photos, and other documents essential to the production of these items.

For Coastal Machine & Supply, our ITAR Registration means that our Aerospace & Defense Machining services adhere to these regulations to provide manufacturing efficiency and security throughout our processes.

ITAR Registered Vs. ITAR Compliant Vs. ITAR Certified

ITAR requires that persons or businesses engaged in production, sale or transportation of defense-related products, services, or data are registered with the national database. This is to ensure that policies and procedures do not leave their company, and the country, vulnerable to security breaches. 

This sounds like a mouthful of a requirement, but the aerospace and defense industry encompasses a vast system of designers, engineers, machinists, transportation crews and other personnel who have some degree of contact with parts and information of national security. By establishing ITAR registration, you can increase your business’s reach and exposure when providing goods and services to those in the Aerospace and Defense industry. 

Companies have taken it upon themselves to use terms such as “ITAR COMPLIANT” AND “ITAR CERTIFIED” when describing their registration status. These terms essentially all mean the same thing – companies are required to register with the State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Control website and abide by the necessary regulations as it pertains to their industry’s involvement in the manufacturing, sales, and transportation of protected assets.

Registration Importance 

Maintaining your own ITAR Registration lets vendors and stakeholders know that your company’s policies are in line with those protecting national security assets. This is reinforced by establishing a compliance program to ensure the consistency of your company’s processes and other detail-oriented procedures, maintaining awareness training for personnel, providing documentation of written procedures and accurate record-keeping, as well as regular auditing of your procedures that includes investigating and reporting violations.

Penalties for violations of ITAR registration are based on the severity of the violations, but companies can face criminal penalties and civil fines for failure to comply with these regulations. Whether a willful or unintentional violation, it is important that your company’s infrastructure adheres to ITAR requirements, from concept and design to manufacturing and sales.

Integrating ITAR regulations into your company’s processes allows compliance to become second nature, a part of your company’s culture. This also reduces concerns with partner agencies who need to maintain a network of compliance throughout the supply chain. To further understand these requirements, ITAR provides a variety of training courses annually to translate these regulations into real-world issues and procedures.

Working With Coastal Machine & Supply

AS9100 licensed and ITAR registered, Coastal Machine & Supply provides the Aerospace and Defense industries with custom, precision machining utilizing the latest technologies and a state of the art facility for quick project turnaround. 

We are a 100% paperless company, running all input and output through a digital manufacturing ERP system. From system input to manufacturing output we provide efficient and effective services that feature top notch quality and customer service. Designing and manufacturing high-quality aerospace equipment is a rapidly expanding field of manufacturing, and one that Coastal Machine & Supply supports with the addition of new aerospace machining equipment and an expanded service line. Contact us today to learn more!

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