Planning for the Future

Coastal Machine & Supply offers a spectrum of services, ranging from CNC lathe services to on-demand machining, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to cater to diverse industrial needs. 

Coastal Machine & Supply is dedicated to meeting the evolving industry demands, with an impressive machinery roster that provides an expansive range of capabilities. Coupled with our continual investment in cutting edge technology, Coastal showcases an unwavering commitment to advancing machining services.

Machining Marvels

Custom Machining: Custom machining plays a pivotal role in providing solutions for specific industries. Aerospace relies on tailored components, from complex brackets to unique fittings, ensuring compatibility with specific aircraft designs. Defense often requires one-of-a-kind parts for military equipment, firearms, and armored vehicles, where precision and strength are non-negotiable. In the oil and gas sector, custom machining creates specialized flanges, connectors, and drilling equipment, meeting the demands of diverse environments and operational conditions.

CAD Machining: CAD machining enables  the translation of intricate designs into tangible components. Aerospace relies on CAD machining for creating aerodynamic parts and intricate structures with precision. Defense benefits from its use in crafting complex weapon systems and vehicle components. In oil and gas, CAD machining ensures the accuracy of equipment parts, from pipelines to refinery components, ensuring seamless operations.

On-Demand Machining: On-demand machining offers agility across industries. In aerospace, it facilitates rapid prototyping, allowing for quick iteration and testing of new designs. Defense benefits from on-demand machining for urgent replacements of mission-critical components. In oil and gas, on-demand machining ensures swift production of parts required for maintenance or unexpected equipment failures, minimizing downtime.

Let’s take a look at our equipment lineup and the impact it brings to our capabilities as a custom machine shop.

  • Saw Capabilities: Harnessing the power of (2) Hem Saws, wielding up to a 13″ cutting diameter with automatic feed, ensures precision and efficiency in every cut. Cutting various materials used in aircraft structures and components. In defense, These capabilities are essential for shaping and cutting metallic parts for military equipment as well as the various materials used in aircraft structures and components, pipes, casings, and other materials crucial in extraction, refining, and pipeline construction.
  • Honing Capabilities: With a Sunnen Hone that handles 2″ to 6 1/2″ ID up to 48″ one way, our honing services can be relied on to meet the exacting standards of various industries. From refining cylinder bores in aircraft engines for optimal fuel efficiency and performance to precision in the barrels of firearms for accuracy and longevity, honing services are essential for operational integrity in harsh environments.
  • Identification Capabilities: The Technomark Multi-V DOT Peen Marking and Class 1 Laser Engraver enable precise and enduring identification on machined parts. Providing permanent identification, such as serial numbers and specifications, on various components aids in traceability and compliance with stringent safety standards while also ensuring efficient asset management and maintenance.
  • Coordinate-Measuring Machines: The Keyence Wide Area CMM, boasting a 32’ x 16’ measuring range, guarantees meticulous inspection and verification of dimensional accuracy. CMM ensures the accurate measurement of complex geometries, verifying components’ adherence to design specifications. 
  • Multi-Axis Capabilities: The Mori Seiki NT4300DCG and DMG Mori DMU series, equipped with automatic loaders and offering multi-axis capabilities, redefine versatility and efficiency in machining processes, crafting intricate and customized components for specialized applications.
  • Milling Capabilities: With a fleet of Mazak and DMG Mori VTC and VCS series, Coastal Machine & Supply ensures superior milling services, accommodating varied workpiece dimensions with finesse. From intricate shapes and contours to specialized valves, fittings, and components, this custom milling sees a wide range of applications across multiple industries.
  • Right Angle Capabilities: The Mazak ST-500M, with its 120” long bed and 4 jaw chuck, exemplifies their commitment to handling diverse machining requirements for parts that require precise angles and alignments, guaranteeing compatibility and reliability in various operational settings.
  • Lathe Capabilities: From the Mazak Quick Turn series to the Weiler and Kingston Manual Lathes, Coastal Machine & Supply covers a wide spectrum of lathe services, ensuring precision and accuracy in turning operations. These CNC lathes are workhorses in precision tuning, ensuring exact specifications when durability and accuracy are paramount.

Unparalleled Quality Assurance

A hallmark of Coastal Machine & Supply’s operations is their robust quality control mechanisms. Gages spanning various dimensions and hardness testers ensure that each product meets stringent quality benchmarks, assuring clients of impeccable standards in every output.

Embracing Innovation for Tomorrow

Coastal Machine & Supply’s unwavering commitment to precision, innovation, and adaptability makes us an industry leader in custom machining services. Our diverse equipment lineup and dedication to quality assurance underscore our readiness to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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