Coastal Machine & Supply is excited to announce the addition of two new machines to our operations. Our goal is to provide the best possible quality to our customers and to do so we are constantly staying up to date with the latest technology. Here’s a little more about our latest additions.

Mazak Slant Turn 550

We are adding the Mazak Slant Turn 550 to our fleet of slant turn machines but this time it’s different. This Slant Turn comes with a 120” bed, 24” 3-Jaw Hydraulic chuck and a 2”-12” steady rest. This allows us to chuck up parts faster while being able to steady rest smaller od material for turning applications. The bed length and chuck size still allows us to process larger diameter work.

This machine is ideal for oil field pipes, casings, control valves, turbines, and aircraft engine parts. Perfect for machining parts for the energy, aerospace, and transportation industries.

Mori NT4300DCG

9 Axis CAPABILITIES! This is our first Mill-Turn machine and we have gone all out with it. Equipped with 2 Spindles, an Upper Head and lower turret, this Mori will be a production beast capable of handling highly complex parts. The dual spindle and lower turret setup will allow us to manufacture on each spindle simultaneously. This will drastically reduce lead times and run times. Setup will also be reduced since it carries a 100 Tool Changer.

This machine is ideal for machining for the aircraft, transportation, and precision machining fields.


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