Redefining measurement range with a new concept

Coordinate measuring machines are often used in manufacturing industries because of their ability to provide high accuracy measurement capabilities. These machines make it easy to measure large and complex geometries using a tracking camera and measuring probe that typically measure along 3 axes to measure the distance between features. The Keyence Wide Angle CCM goes beyond this with added portability and measurements tracked over seven probe markers to provide high measurement accuracy over up to 49 foot lengths.


No movement restrictions with the wireless probe

Excellent portability for measurement anywhere with a mobile case, setup is as easy as involving connection of two cables. With no need for a controlled environment, the system can be used immediately. It can be mounted for measurement in a wide variety of areas using a tripod, extension pole, or cart.

  • All-in-one structure
  • Touch screen operation
  • Probe detection status confirmation LED
  • Small probe camera for 3D image overlay
  • Probe marker position for stable measurement accuracy
  • Changeable stylus for an optimal approach to each measurement area

Easy to operate, this machine features easily understood images and icons to guide the user, allowing for measurements such as midpoint, GD&T measurements, and XYZ coordinate measures to be captured with ease. Since the probe tip is also equipped with a small camera, it is possible to overlay part images to increase the accuracy of the part being measured. A sortable element tree and diverse measurement menu make it easy to operate the handheld touch panel and make it easy to perform operations when the user is away from the computer.

Once measurements are captured, data can be automatically transferred into inspection reports with easy to edit flexibility. Simply drag and drop relevant data into the data transfer software and corresponding inspection report. The off-line application software allows users to edit the data at their own pace thanks to offline application software that can be downloaded to a computer and shared among relevant parties for improved efficiency and data sharing capabilities.

Another new feature of this machine is the ability to accommodate fluctuations in ambient temperature when comparing measurements across multiple parts. Simply select the current temperature and the material, and the Temperature Compensation function will automatically compensate for the standard temperature dimensions.


Advanced features and customizable programs for endless possibilities

The Camera Movement function makes measurement easy even for large targets that do not fit into the camera’s field of view, or complex equipment that blocks the camera’s line-of-sight. With measurement routines,  you can create programs that reduce the amount of time spent actively setting up between measurements. Other advanced features allow for 3D CAD comparison and a color map display highlighting inconsistencies between the two pieces of data. From curved surfaces and varying profiles to measurements across large distances, this creates hyper-accurate data that can accommodate up to 500 continuous measurement points. 

Suitable for a wide range of applications, from measurement to product assembly, the Keyence Wide Angle CCM brings an enhancement to the shop floor that continues out in the field.

  • Material cutting
  • Post-welding strain measurement
  • Measurement after processing
  • Post-assembly positioning

At Coastal Machine & Supply, we adapt to the needs of our clients with access to a multitude of technological advances in manufacturing that extends to the equipment and tools that we use daily. Operating 100% digitally, the latest technology runs throughout the facility, from system input to manufacturing output. Filling the needs of a rapidly changing industry with a continued commitment to excellence, we deliver high quality products and services to our customers.

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