Going Pro with ProShop

Increasing the productivity of your manufacturing process, paperless systems go beyond environmental sensitivity by reducing the amount of paper and waste generated throughout production. 

By automating the shop floor and associated processes, there are numerous benefits that allow manufacturers to decrease operating costs, resulting in systems that work smarter and increase productivity. 

ProShop, software that replaces paper-based tracking and recording, removes the potential for errors and confusion that can occur when shuffling papers across a desk. Driven by digital technology, this software utilizes interactive screens, dashboards, data collection devices, sensors and reporting, allowing for manufacturers to optimize their workflows, communications, record-keeping and scheduling.


  • IMPROVE LEAD TIMES – ProShop delivers quoting ease and simplicity that allows proposals and estimates to be sent in a timely manner. Creating a streamlined process, this software allows for multiple quotes to be worked on in tandem, offering increased profitability with improved lead times. Tracking work orders and optimizing production planning, the digital database brings all your documents right to your fingertips. Get jobs into production faster and meet deadlines with accuracy across all aspects of manufacturing.

  • REDUCE DOWN TIME – Maximizing the efficiency of the shop floor, digital scheduling allows for a workflow that is constantly evolving. With multiple orders in the production queue, ProShop allows you to create and maintain a schedule that minimizes the amount of time a machine sits idle between runs. This takes into account time necessary for machine setup and calibration, production, offloading, and preparation for the next project. Using analytics collected during production runs, the data is updated in real time to ensure that your processes remain on schedule.

  • DATA ACCURACY – Computerized manufacturing and record keeping not only provides instant access from multiple computer terminals across the shop floor, but it also reduces the chance for mistakes commonly associated with manual computations and data input. Workers viewing data on the screen are only shown the most up to date information, reflecting change orders to show new quantity or drawing revisions, with scheduling and delivery dates that are automatically changed and updated to reflect machine output. Computerized data collection eliminates the potential for errors by analyzing the data at the point of collection. This also helps to alleviate manufacturing slow-downs and bottlenecks by allowing for issues to be identified more readily.

  • IMPROVE QUALITY CONTROL – With data that is continually updated and accurate, paperless operations allow you fully optimize all steps throughout the production process, as digitized manufacturing tracking allows for a reduction in scrap parts and provides identification of quality issues rapidly, allowing you to resolve the situation before causing damage or loss of product, translating into a cost and time savings while maintaining quality assurance.

  • EFFECTIVE SALES TOOL – Clients understand that the manufacturing process is not instantaneous, but by touting the benefits of paperless operations as a sales tool, you can impress upon these clients that your workflow is superior to paper-based systems. Not only are jobs prioritized and filtered throughout the manufacturing process, but all team members are instantly notified when a job is created or amended. Offering both time and cost savings through optimization, ProShop’s contributions are felt through all aspects of the supply chain.

At Coastal Machine, we utilize superior technical and manual equipment to meet all of our customer’s ever-changing needs. Operating 100% digitally, from system input to manufacturing output, our outstanding customer service hinges on our commitment to unsurpassed quality and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process. Staying up to date with the latest technological advances to continually offer top of the line manufacturing, let’s talk about your next project!

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