Aerospace Machining

Coastal Machine & Supply provides custom, precision machining and quality customer service for the Aerospace & Defense industries.

  • Fully Licensed – AS9100 certified & ITAR registered

  • Latest Technology – ahead of the curve with advanced machinery

  • Digital Ecosystem – complete traceability from beginning to end

  • Detailed & Accurate – CMM allows us to be highly accurate with our measurements

  • Rapid Turnaround – advanced scheduling system for the best delivery

  • Commitment to Service – excellent service to ensure your success

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Coastal Machine & Supply is one of our valued partners. It is apparent that the team possesses the fundamentals that discriminate their performance from other solutions within the market – open and transparent communications, customer-oriented focus, and collaboration to identify the best win-win solutions that benefit both parties. This is the icing on the cake for what is the phenomenal capability and quality of product that the Coastal team provides. We are extremely satisfied with this partnership, and are eager to cultivate it for many years to come!

Space Buyer

Why Coastal Machine for Aerospace Manufacturing?

Personal Certification

We are fully licensed and registered for the work we do, including AS9100 certification and ITAR registration.


We have a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), which allows us to be highly accurate with our measurements.


Our manufacturing ecosystem allows us to track everything with ease and create reports with the click of a button. This ERP system was truly built for the aerospace industry and allows us to serve clients in that field with greater efficiency.


We have significant experience in design and manufacturing, and are often used as a turnkey provider by our clients across the United States.


Coastal Machine & Supply has developed a well-earned reputation for high-quality work thanks to our constant commitment to our customers.


Our digital ecosystem allows us to maintain complete traceability from the beginning to the end of projects. Because we’re paperless, we never have to worry about losing documents.

Quick Facts

Our shop system allows customers to view real-time job tracking and allows for advanced scheduling for more accurate delivery dates.

We partner with our customers and provide Design for Manufacturability.

Our CAD/CAM department is capable of designing precisely what our customers need.

STEP, IGES, CAD, and DXF files can be imported into our CAD/CAM software.

We can output AS9102 Forms 1-3 with the click of a button through our ERP system.

All QC Reports and Certificates of Conformance are done electronically to prevent any illegible handwriting.


As the aerospace and defense industry grows we are able to position our expertise and equipment in a way that helps to fill the need of the industry and give value to A&D clients. Integrating into this market allows us to fully utilize our equipment and certification, as well as, be part of the next frontier of design and manufacturing.

Aerospace and defense clients that choose Coastal Machine & Supply can expect the same high level of service on which we’ve built our company over the course of nearly two decades in business.

Space Vehicle Component

Aluminum Space Vehicle Component

Aluminum Rocket Manifolds

Aluminum Rocket Housing finished with Electroless Nickel Plate & Helical Inserts installed

Aluminum Rocket Brackets – Complete in 1 OP on 5 Axis MIll

Aluminum Rocket Brackets finished with
Chemical Conversion & Hard Black Anodize

Aluminum Rocket Components

Stainless Steel Space Component

Aluminum Rocket Bracket

Rocket Housing Assembly consisting of Aluminum and Plastic

Aluminum Rocket Component – Finished in Black Anodize

Aluminum Rocket Component – Finished in Black Anodize

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